In June 2018, I developed a new visual identity for one of the top PUBG streamers on Twitch. Until that point, Ashek had been using clipart of a potato with a face on it, and wanted to keep consistency on that while upgrading to a unique brand.
Soon after the new brand was in place, Ashek was given the opportunity to have an in-game PUBG AKM skin developed and sold in the Steam store, which he hired me to create. It was available for purchase from October 25 to November 15, and received a record-breaking number of purchases on the PUBG Steam store.
The product launch happened during Twitchcon 2018, where I met up with Ashek and other PUBG streamers to celebrate
Following the success of the AKM skin design, PUBG proposed another skin release. This gave the opportunity to design and release Crossbow and Gloves skins (above) in May 2019.